G-Able launches “WhiteFact”, an all-in-one solution for systematic PDPA management  to build a future-ready eco-system


G-Able launches “WhiteFact”, an all-in-one solution for systematic PDPA management to build a future-ready eco-system

G-Able Public Company Limited,a leading “Tech Enabler” that helps businesses embrace every aspect of digitalization, unveiled “WhiteFact”, an all-in-one solution for systematic management of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).  With advanced technologies, this comprehensive, convenient, and safe solution makes businesses confident and ready to handle PDPA requirements.     


Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha, CEO of G-Able Public Company Limited


Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha, CEO of G-Able Public Company Limited, said, “In an era where ‘Data is the new oil’, customer data is identified as a key business driver.  While collecting customer data is an integral part of business, customers are increasingly aware of data privacy.  Coming into force from 1 June 2022, the PDPA focuses on retaining and ensuring security of customer personal data kept by organizations.  The PDPA is applicable to all entities that store, collect, use, or disclose personal data of data owners in Thailand in order to sell products or services to such data owners.  Hence, businesses must start planning their workforces, processes, and tools and technologies to ensure data security.  To this end, G-Able has developed “WhiteFact”, an all-in-one solution that systematically manages the PDPA’s requirements, to respond to wide-ranging business needs.  Since its inauguration last year, the solution has received a warm response from customers across various organizations.  Its major customers include large- and medium-sized government and private entities across all industries.”


Mr. Pakorn Sethsawat, Head of Strategic Product, G-Able Public Company Limited


Mr. Pakorn Sethsawat, Head of Strategic Product, G-Able Public Company Limited, stated that “WhiteFact” is a solution developed by Thais, with a host of easy-to-use features and expert support available throughout its usage period.  One key strength of “WhiteFact” over its rivals is its end-to-end solution, offering a package of organizational staff trainings, data policies, and policies on fact-checking channels for personal data owners, plus a team of leading partners available to give legal consultations on the PDPA.     


“WhiteFact” services are an eco-system that covers the following functions.

  • Data Inventory Mapping: Identifying personal data locations, enabling organizations to easily retrieve data for use
  • RoPA: Viewing records of data kept or used within organizations
  • Risk Management: Preparing risk assessment forms
  • Privacy Notice: Preparing privacy policies 
  • Consent Manager: Ensuring a consent management process is in place
  • Cookie Manager: Managing storage of cookies and types of cookies, and customizing displayed results of stored cookies 
  • Data Subject 360: Assigning data custodians to respond to requests to exercise data owners’ rights, and keep tracks of action status 
  • Data Subject Request: Determining a personal data management process and handling requests for exercise of data owners’ rights 


What “WhiteFact” has to offer are: 1. A reduction in operating costs and manpower through 
a status tracking system, 2. A data center where data owners’ communications can be viewed, 
3. User-friendly features that quickly address business needs, 4. Streamlined documentation procedures where documents are automatically generated, 5. Easy access anywhere, anytime, with capabilities to verify data accessibility, and 6. A monitor to verify and track cases raised by data owners. 


G-Able is optimistic that ‘WhiteFact’ will be the right solution for its customers, especially those seeking to have strategies and technologies for imposing control measures, enabling businesses to properly and fully comply with the PDPA with confidence, said Dr. Chaiyuth. 

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