G-Able woos tech-savvy youths to join “Tech Scoop Academy” to boost software developer skills for IT industry workforce


G-Able woos tech-savvy youths to join “Tech Scoop Academy” to boost software developer skills for IT industry workforce

With the need for skilled workers in digital technology continuing to rise, businesses worldwide are experiencing a tech talent war which tends to intensify as time passes.  HR functions have to become more flexible, paying attention to diverse talents and unique interests, so as to attract young generations with aspirations to grow with businesses.  Also, organizations must foster a stimulating work environment where people can get equipped with digital technology skills to work efficiently and stay resilient in a constantly changing world. 


As such, G-Able Public Company Limited, a leading “Tech Enabler” that helps businesses embrace every dimension of digitalization, has launched “Tech Scoop Academy,” a project to incubate young software developers for IT and tech-related industries, in its efforts to reinforce the concept of People Power.  Under the project, participants will gain capacity-building experience, with digital technology gurus and experts sharing professional knowledge and how to become successful in the field. The application period starts now until 30 Nov. 2022. 


Those interested in software development and system testing are kindly invited to explore learning opportunities and showcase their works through project pitching. Selected applicants will work with the Company, receive coaching by Cloud Native, Micro Services, and DevOps app development professionals, and learn to create apps in a production environment over a full four-month period (1 Jan.-30 Apr. 2023).  The participants will receive payments every month and certificates at the end of the project.  For registration, please click bit.ly/3DjdnE6


Applicant’s qualifications

  • Being 22-26 years old
  • Having interests in software development/ system testing 
  • Being a bachelor’s degree student or graduate  
  • Having basic skills in programming, information technology, solving logic problems, 
    and Internet-based self-learning 
  • Being able to join the project for a whole four months (1 Jan. -30 Apr. 2023)

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