G-Able knowledge sharing with Hannam University of South Korea for the Startup Ecosystem of Thailand.

G-Able knowledge sharing with Hannam University of South Korea for the Startup Ecosystem of Thailand.

‘The Global Challenge Program’


The Government of South Korea monitors business research abroad to identify opportunities for developing knowledge assets and facilitating international relationships. The government offers research funding to Hannam University students in South Korea under the program ‘Global Challenge’.

Within this program, the students will be conducting business research abroad and will have various experiences to learn more about the markets of their chosen countries. Afterward, the students apply the vast knowledge obtained to inform their research.

6 students from the GET-SUIT team, including Lee Kyung Min, Jang Jae Lyung, Jang woo Taek, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Ah Young, Jang Seng Hee together with Jae Kung Kim, PhD (Faculty Advisor) choose Bangkok as a target of their research around the ‘Startup Business Environment’ for 9 days.

‘G-Able and alliance partner share knowledge and experience’


They found that Bangkok’s ecosystem offers many opportunities for Startup’s from abroad. Moreover, to further stimulate the business environment, they found Thailand provides various business funding opportunities as well as an open view to foreigners looking to begin their own startup or bring their knowledge and expertise to existing Startups in the country.

Regarding these factors, the GET-SUIT team are interested in conducting further research to better understand the dynamics of Thailand’s startup environment, amongst a number of companies chosen to partner with to serve the objectives of the research, G-Able has been identified as a major driver in the startup environment and therefore a key partner in the research.

G-Able was honored to host students and faculties from both the Global IT Business and Global Business majors from Hannam University, on December 28, 2017 at the Knowledge Exchange Center (KX), Bangkok. This provided an opportunity for G-Able to share their experience of helping shape Thailand’s Technology Ecosystem and supporting the country’s most promising startups.

G-Able also invited partner research institutes and associations including Thailand Fintech Association, Hatch (a program for incubating startups of King Mongkut’s University), and InsightEra, (one of the organizations participating in G-Able’s business incubation program) to provide insights and information to the student researchers from Hannam University.

Miss Chonticha Niltrakarnkul, Marketing Communication Manager of G-Able


In this meeting, Miss Chonticha Nintrakarnkul, Marketing Communication Manager, a representative from G-Able, provided knowledge concerning the position of G-Able in the startup environment, discussion around G-Able’s initiatives to provide supportive business information, funding and mentoring as well as partnering with research institutes and associations to bolster Thailand’s Technology Ecosystem helped inform the students understanding of Thailand’s business landscape.

Miss Montra Vesarach, Incubation Specialist from Hatch


Miss Montra Vesarach, Incubation Specialist, a representative from Hatch explained the role of King Mongkut’s University and their startup incubation program designed to assist startups built by students of the university grow sustain-ably. Based upon these discussions, the South Korean students were able realize the importance of coordination between business organizations and universities to successfully cultivate start-up ecosystems.

Miss Patcharaporn Jenwiriyakul, Co-founder from InsightEra


An important topic of the day concerned the entrepreneurial journey of Miss Patcharaporn Jenwiriyakul, Co-founder of InsightEra (a joint venture with G-Able). She drew from her own experience to explain the life of InsightEra, from its inception, to growth and to its current stage of establishing itself as a leader in deep learning technology that provides services concerning social listening, analytics, Chatbot technology และ and Machine Learning. Students from Hannam University were fascinated to hear first-hand from one of the key players helping shape the landscape for new emerging technologies in Thailand.

Mr. Anon Aunsinmun, F13 Executive Director


Lastly, Mr. Anon Aunsinmun, F13 Executive Director, a representative of the Thailand Fintech Association explained the role of his organization in helping shape Thailand’s startup environment, he also offered insights around his organizational objectives of helping to equip startups with the knowledge they need to succeed as well as his companies aim to build a Fintech startup community, to build comprehension around laws and an in-depth knowledge of the Fintech startup scene in Thailand.

Discussion between Hannam University and G-Able representatives


G-Able would like to thank Hannam University students and faculty for partnering with G-Able to conduct their research. The formation of this relationship with one of South Korea’s leading universities will provide opportunities for mutual knowledge sharing, with the hope of generating future opportunities to coordinate with Hannam University internationally. The partnership aims to construct a learning society and through collaboration, develop more robust Technology Ecosystems both in domestic and international environments.


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About InsightEra

Insight Era is a joint venture of G-Able and an incubation graduate of Hatch. The founder of InsightEra under consultation from King Mongkut’s University (under Nawawat Company) focused on inventing deep learning technology and R&D capabilities for Thailand. InsightEra began in 2015 and was the winner of the prestigious Imagine Cup award from Microsoft for developing the ASK DOM application. The application has been continuously developed which recently resulted in the creation of the Brian application, Thailand’s first fully comprehensive marketing analytics suite, with analytics solutions for websites, digital advertisements, PR and social media combined in one seamless platform.


InsightEra is a solutions provider for various markets and industries, with extensive expertise in digital marketing, analytics and deep learning technologies. The company has a wide portfolio of clients including leading companies, from both the government and private sector.

For more information, visit www.insightera.co.th

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