G-Able aligns its digital solutions arsenal, responding to the digital technology trends of 2024


G-Able aligns its digital solutions arsenal, responding to the digital technology trends of 2024

Stepping into the 35th year with strength, G-Able, a leader in digital solutions for digital transformation for organizations, is equipped with professional expertise in implementing comprehensive IT infrastructure and Digital Solutions. As a Tech Enabler, Gable is committed to advancing every business sector's success through cutting-edge digital technology and a global vision.

According to the data from the National Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Policy Council (NXPO), an interesting direction on macro-innovative entrepreneurship was discussed. By the year 2027, Thailand aims to escape the middle-income trap. A significant mechanism in this endeavor is the promotion of the creative economy and competitive edge through technology. The focus is on increasing the number of innovative entrepreneurs with revenues exceeding 1,000 million baht to at least 2,000 companies.


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In this regard, Dr. Chaiyut Chunnahacha, the Chief Executive Officer of G-Able Co., Ltd. (Public), revealed, "The key strategy that every organization and business must focus on if they want to expand their business reach and better access consumers in the era of Marketing 6.0 is that the game-changer with the power to drive the innovation of Thai entrepreneurs to leap forward is digital transformation on the cloud and Generative AI technologies. This aligns with the analysis by 'Gartner' which forecasted in their most recent event, The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2023 Conference, that there are 10 strategic technology trends for 2024 that will play a significant role in organizations and businesses over the next three years, particularly in 2026 – 2027.


1. AI Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM) 

Technologies that ensure AI systems are trustworthy, transparent, and secure from cyber threats.


2. Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) 

Technologies for ongoing cyber threat risk management.


3. Sustainable Technology 

Technologies that support environmental, social, and governance sustainability.


4. Platform Engineering 

Development of self-service internal platform products to solve developer issues, enhance work efficiency, and accelerate business value creation.


5. AI-Augmented Development 

AI technologies assisting software engineers in creating and testing applications.


6. Industry Cloud Platforms (ICPs) 

Efficient cloud solutions integrating SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS to accelerate organizational growth.


7. Intelligent Applications 

Applications powered by AI that manage and integrate external data efficiently.


8. Democratized Generative AI 

Generative AI used to equalize access to knowledge and expertise, with caution advised regarding access rights to prevent data copyright violations.


9. Augmented Connected Workforce (ACWF) 

Technologies connecting individual workforce efforts to enhance overall work potential.


10. Machine Customers 

Robotic customer technologies capable of autonomously purchasing services and negotiating prices.


"The trends mentioned above will undoubtedly affect the operational structures of organizations across all sectors. Industries should prepare to leverage digital technologies more extensively, as these trends are a key to business success. In particular, the capabilities of new-generation AI act as a shortcut to propel Thai entrepreneurs' businesses to success swiftly, accurately, and sustainably, 


Dr. Chaiyut reveals his thoughts before elaborating on the 3 core principles that Gable employs to design success for every organization in every business sector, namely "Smart," "Secure," and "Sustain." This means considering primarily what customers will benefit from the technology designed to meet their precise needs, resulting in faster operation systems and more satisfactory work outcomes. Simultaneously, technology helps manage documentation, significantly reducing paper usage, storage space, and ultimately the cutting down of trees, a cause of global warming, thus helping to sustain customers' businesses in the long term. Along with confidence in security systems managed by experts available 24/7, the company also integrates cooperation with leading global partners, resulting in 5 cutting-edge digital solutions that Gable is ready to provide comprehensively and in full circle such as


  • Cybersecurity refers to the practices and technologies designed to protect IT infrastructure, cloud systems, software, applications, computers, endpoint devices, and login systems from digital threats that could compromise critical organizational data.
  • Cloud and Data Center Modernization is about updating cloud systems and data centers to keep up with modern requirements, such as data recovery and storage, scaling to support a large user base, integrating branch offices with central and public clouds, and facilitating collaboration through digital workspaces.
  • Data and Analytics involves comprehensive data management, from storage platforms to the transformation of data formats that support real-time and near-real-time datasets. It also includes data visualization platforms and advanced data analysis with AI technology to maximize the value derived from data.
  • Digital Business and Application focuses on digital innovations and applications tailored specifically for each product or service, not only to enhance the consumer experience but also to add value to businesses by reducing costs, shortening operational time, preventing errors, and expanding competitive opportunities.
  • Managed Tech Services covers operational IT technology services, including strategic planning, performance enhancement, systems analysis, outcome measurement, and cloud infrastructure development, among others.


The passage you provided talks about the comprehensive solutions offered by G-Able, which appear to encompass strategic planning, system creation, infrastructure installation, data management, and cybersecurity. These solutions are continuously designed and tested by experts to ensure that businesses can smoothly adopt digital technologies and achieve maximum efficiency. The aim is to foster innovation that responds to rapidly changing consumer needs, enabling entrepreneurs and executives to handle market pressures with intelligence and flexibility. Dr. Chaiyut emphasizes G-Able's experience and readiness, noting their role in the success of Thai entrepreneurs for over three decades.



About G-Able 

A leading provider of comprehensive IT and digital solutions. Established on January 30, 1989, G-Able has been instrumental in driving the success of its clients' businesses through the use of digital technology. With the expertise of over 1,000 in-house developers and software personnel, the company has successfully met the goals set by its clientele. G-Able's collaboration with more than 100 global partners has earned it the trust of customers across every industrial sector, from large corporations to SMEs, serving over 1,000 businesses. As a key partner, G-Able has been addressing the needs of organizations and businesses, enhancing their competitive capabilities across various industries, and pushing forward the business success of Thailand's leading organizations for 34 years. The company's credibility was further solidified when it entered the stock market under the name GABLE on May 9, 2023.

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