G-Able Unveils 2024 Plans, Ready to Conquer Healthcare and Logistics Markets with Packed Digital Solutions to Address Every Need for Medical and Transportation Services


G-Able Unveils 2024 Plans, Ready to Conquer Healthcare and Logistics Markets with Packed Digital Solutions to Address Every Need for Medical and Transportation Services

Khun Nuannit Hongprapawong, Chief Sales and Commercial Officer of G-Able Public Company Limited, revealed, "For over 34 years, G-Able has been a comprehensive IT and digital solutions provider. We have introduced solutions along with experienced experts to assist in creating limitless business growth in every sector of industries and collaborating with leading Thai organizations such as FSI sector including banking, insurance (life/non-life), securities sector, energy sector(oil/non-oil), food & retailing sector, educational sector, and various other industries."


In 2024, for a well-established customer base, G-Able plans to emphasize new "Tech Refreshment" or “Tech Enhancement” to reinforce the efficiency of clients' existing systems as well as to introduce new technologies in alignment with global trends, allowing customers to adapt and improve their company's competitiveness against domestic and international competitors in the same market.


For new customer groups, G-Able sees potential in expanding its services to the healthcare and logistics markets as the demand for services in these two sectors has rapidly increased before and after the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting companies in these industries to enhance productivity to address the exponentially increasing demand that requires accuracy and efficiency to step beyond their competitors. Hence, they require technology to strengthen their potential and to minimize human errors as well as to forecast the demand trend of their clients. G-Able aims to provide efficient and high-quality solutions to help its customers manage their operations effectively and deliver standardized services to their clients.


Therefore, in Q1-Q2 of 2024, G-Able plans to increase its marketing efforts in the healthcare and logistics industries. The company has established partnerships with experts in these markets to create and offer solutions that can provide a competitive edge to G-Able's customers, focusing on the strength of IT solutions and the readiness of G-Able's specialized team and its partners. This strategic move positions G-Able to quickly enter these markets, with plans to build a qualified workforce to support the expansion which is in high and continuous trend in the future.


G-Able's has a plan to offer solutions to meet the needs of both Healthcare and Logistics customer groups as follows;


Healthcare Industry: In response to the Ministry of Public Health's “30 Baht Plus” policy in 2024 that includes the drive on Digital Health initiatives including, single ID card nationwide healthcare, 200 intelligent hospitals across the country, virtual hospital etc. G-Able aligns its plans to address the demand arising from these initiatives. G-Able believes that the healthcare market still requires readiness in technology infrastructure which is a foundation for various IT systems to connect and work seamlessly. 
Although at this moment, almost every hospital uses HIS system to store patients’ personal and treatment data, it is still the old system based on dated technology. If the HIS system which is the key data storage system is connected with other systems in the hospital, this would help reduce treatment’s lead time and increase efficiency as well as minimize duplicated data storage within 
the hospital i.e., providing patient’s data to the doctor and relevant staff in various functions beforehand. 


G-Able's key solution for the healthcare sector is the "HOC" (Hospital Operation Center) which is the system for managing and planning hospital operations. This system can provide analysis and notifications that give the semi real-time overview of hospital’s operations through a dashboard, with AI aiding in predicting the impact of consecutive workflow processes, enabling hospital management to make decisions based on reliable information and efficiently handle events as they occur. G-Able has partnered with ST Engineering, a HOC service provider to hospitals in Singapore, to collaboratively develop the HOC system for hospitals in Thailand. We found that HOC system was in demand from many hospitals in Thailand in Bangkok and its nearby provinces, and major provinces in Thailand. HOC system will work at the highest efficiency when technology infrastructure is ready, compatible for the connection from the relevant systems and the data in the system are accurate. G-Able therefore offers end-to-end comprehensive IT solutions from infrastructure installation, IT security, ready-to-use data analysis, to 24-hour service desk. 


The growth potential in the healthcare market when considering robust infrastructure and solutions development like HOC and HIS altogether, is expected to reach 200%. However, in G-Able’s overall market profile and within a little over a year time that that G-Able has earnestly entered this market, the healthcare market will represent 5-7% of the total revenue compared to other markets in the G-Able.


For the logistics: Industry, from the study and experience in the business within the industry, G-Able found that this industry had a significant concern related to handling a large volume of documents, especially repeatedly importing the same dataset several time from the document hand over in each process, resulting in high risk of error. The solution to the problems is the correct 
data import, complete data transfer, duplicate process elimination so the process is finished in a shorter time with reduced cost per transaction.


As a result, G-Able has developed "G-RPA solution" that is designed to specially address this problem. By leveraging the company's own IP software, this solution focuses on document management and incorporates robotics process automation to replace repetitive tasks. This helps reduce working time, increase accuracy, and speed up document-related tasks, which are especially crucial for the logistics industry.


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