G-Able Organizes "G-Able DAY" Showcase, Demonstrating Comprehensive Technology and Solutions


G-Able Organizes "G-Able DAY" Showcase, Demonstrating Comprehensive Technology and Solutions

G-Able Co., Ltd. (PLC), a leading digital solutions provider for organizational digital transformation invited partners and business alliance to "G-Able Tech Enabler: The Path Forward with AI & Ecosystem" event that revealed the significant influence of digital technology in economic, social, and lifestyle changes and their roles in elevating business capabilities and competitiveness. In the event, technologies and solutions are presented and demonstrated to show their practicality for businesses and organizations in transitioning to "Digital Transformation". Another highlight of the event is the forum where experts from various areas attended to share their experience, the latest digital trend and the way to utilize digital technology as a tool for organization’s success. 




Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha, Chief Executive Officer of G-Able, said, "Business growth in the digital world requires adjustments in strategy, business models, and operational approaches to timely respond to various changes to maintain competitiveness alongside fostering continuous growth in the New S-Curve model where technology and innovation are utilized as a key mechanism in driving country's economy forward. Therefore, the use of technology must be planned with a wide vision, aligning with business strategies and economic trends. G-Able is hence dedicated to continuously expanding its business and reinforcing end-to-end IT solution services to help customers cope with changes, uncertainties, and prepare for future growth opportunities.”


“The utilization of innovation and technology in the business sector is becoming increasingly intense from now on. Digital transformation must be a continuous process. Organizations that strive to survive and grow amid economic recession must be able to leverage technology effectively to address changes and reduce operational costs while adapting to new business trends in the online world that is becoming a primary sales and communication channel to efficiently connect with the target group that has high purchasing power.”








Mrs. Nuannit Hongprapawong, Chief Go to Market Officer of G-Able, commented, "Currently, G-Able has solutions and technologies that can support businesses of all sizes, whether in the public or private sector, in adapting or advancing their operations for sustainable success and growth. G-Able is still committed to consistently developing digital platforms and offering suitable products and services that address the evolving requirements of each customer that needs to adapt to changes happening every second. The "G-Able Tech Enabler: The Path Forward with AI & Ecosystem" event is a part of the diverse services that G-Able provides, including:

  • Blendata: A Big Data Platform that simplifies and speeds up the management of large datasets, connecting all organizational data in one place for efficient use and management as well as processing and analysing data for new business opportunities in the future without the need of traditional coding.
  • InsightEra: A Comprehensive MARTECH Solution that addresses every dimension of market data analysis from strategic planning to "fast" and "accurate" performance measurement with deep understanding to the core of MARTECH, providing platforms that help organizations access real-time consumer behaviour trend data efficiently.
  • MVERGE: A Digital Property Management Platform Solution that enhances space management efficiency, reduces repetitive tasks, and provides accurate data analysis   for business expansion.
  • CyberGenics: Cybersecurity Solution with a variety of options that ensure comprehensive cyber preparedness, planning, and security system creation for all types of businesses."





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