G-Able launches its in-house Generative AI to empower non-IT employees.


G-Able launches its in-house Generative AI to empower non-IT employees.

At this moment, it would be remiss if the term 'Generative AI' does not ring a bell for you, as Generative AI plays a vital role in making our daily lives and careers easier. It is not surprising that businesses and organizations are keeping an eye on this technology and making serious efforts to study this matter. G-Able is also joining the bandwagon by developing its own Generative AI technology for internal use.


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Mr. U-Krit Wongsarawit, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Solution Management & Technology Officer of G-Able Public Company Limited, revealed that, “As a leading Thai tech company, we also see capabilities and business opportunities related to Generative AI. 


As such, G-Able has created its own generative AI Chatbot called 'Allyx' to enhance operational efficiency for CCD, a team dedicated to troubleshooting IT equipment issues and system connections for employees and external clients around the clock. This aims to speed up ticket opening and reduce officers’ workloads in answering repetitive questions. Allyx is designed to provide answers to a set of basic questions based on keywords mostly used by service users. 
The goal is to reduce ticket opening workloads by at least 30%, or about 200-300 tickets per month at the initial stage, with further reductions in subsequent periods. Moreover, we plan to extend the application of Generative AI to other functions in the near future.


Also, in Q4/2023, G-Able has invited all employees across all functions to submit ideas and accomplishments to enter a Generative AI competition under the theme of 'AI – Shift your works for better ways,' empowering non-IT employees to live up to G-Able's position as a tech enabler. Through this competition, employees will learn how to optimize digital tools and technologies in their jobs by, for example, improving performance, streamlining work processes, solving issues with on-point solutions, and creating new working styles.”


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Ms. Nattaphorn Kiatpakdee, Senior Sales Coordinator at G-Able, who won the third place in the competition, shared her memorable experience of submitting her project 'Work Ginie' to the competition. She expressed, “I am very proud of myself as I drew numerous lessons from this experience, including the opportunity to exchange best practices with other contestants, competition committee members, and those interested in Generative AI. This was made possible through the using of powerful Generative AI tools that enhance work efficiency. In today's work environment, time management is a significant challenge. Completing a creative project can be time-consuming. Generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT, Bard, or Canva play a crucial role in creating quality content and presentation slides, from drafting texts to crafting compelling visuals and planning. These tools contribute to improved productivity and reduced operating times. Importantly, even non-IT professionals can benefit from these tools in their daily practices. Generative AI tools are expected to enhance work efficiency and creativity, enabling individuals to focus more on activities that require a human touch, friendly responses, heartfelt services, empathy, and caring for others."


Ms. Athitaya Yang-in, People Business Partner at G-Able, one of the contestants with the project 'The New Era of HR,' shared, “Normally, I use AI-based tools like ChatGPT or Slides AI in conducting searches. For instance, when searching for three key technical skills, namely Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and Data Platform, I turn to ChatGPT, input relevant keywords, and receive results within 30 minutes. These results are invaluable for developing personnel development plans further. Additionally, ChatGPT aids in analyzing relationships within an organization, supporting the arrangement of engagement activities for employees. In my opinion, today's business world and the way we work have accelerated significantly. Therefore, we need to adjust our pace by leveraging AI technology to expedite our work. As the Company allowed us to showcase our achievements, I would like to share my experience of using AI with other colleagues. This contest serves as an eye-opening and rewarding experience, providing me with confidence as I strive to push my boundaries. I hope that everyone is inspired by this project and can use AI to assist in their work, empowering themselves in this digital era."


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