G-Able Collaborates with Red Hat to Organize the Event “Driving Innovation: G-Butler and the Future of Enterprise Automation”


G-Able Collaborates with Red Hat to Organize the Event “Driving Innovation: G-Butler and the Future of Enterprise Automation”

In this era of disruption, digital transformation has been a key objective for many organizations for several years, aiming to elevate and enhance their business capabilities to better meet customer needs. One technology that has increasingly played a significant role is IT Automation, an automated system that numerous organizations have adopted. IT Automation possesses both 'importance' and 'necessity' in the modern business landscape.


The 'importance' of IT Automation lies in its ability to rapidly drive business growth, achieve strategic goals, and transform IT operations. The results include cost reduction, enhanced process efficiency, and enabling businesses to quickly introduce new products and services. As for the 'necessity,' the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure and the growing need for agility in the current scenario make self-managed IT impractical and unsustainable.




Recently, G-Able Co., Ltd. (PLC), a leading 'Tech Enabler' offering comprehensive Digital Transformation services, partnered with Red Hat, a global leader in Enterprise Software focusing on Open Source Development Model, to introduce technology solutions and services in IT Automation like 'G-Butler' and 'Red Hat Ansible.' These are key assistants in solving problems by automating repetitive and time-consuming processes, thus allowing businesses to have more time to focus on creating and launching new products to the market. Additionally, G-Able and Red Hat invited speakers to share real-life work experiences, providing ideas to drive innovation for their client organizations.


As a Tech Enabler Company, G-Able is committed to assisting our clients in transforming their organizations for the digital era in every aspect. G-Able is the partner many organizations are looking for in their IT Automation journey. We are ready to serve everyone with our end-to-end service, guiding you efficiently towards achieving your goals in IT Automation. This event was honored by the presence of Mr. U-Krit Wongsarawit, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Solution Management & Technology Officer of G-Able who warmly welcomed the distinguished guests and attendees at the Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn.







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